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پاورپوینت Laser Cooling in Semiconductors

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Laser Cooling in Semiconductors

Chengao Wang

Optical Science and Engineering,

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of New Mexico

Historical Review

1929: The concept of laser cooling was established.

1960: Laser was invented.

1995: Laser cooling was first observed in ytterbium-doped glass.

????: Laser cooling in semiconductors is achieved.


Heating is a major problem in semiconductor devices.

Optical refrigerator using laser cooling will be free of vibration, mechanically robust and compact.

It has far reaching implications in the area of optical detection systems and optoelectronic devices.


invent a practical all-solid-state optical refrigerator to cool semiconductors using laser cooling.

We hypothesize that laser cooling in semiconductors can achieve temperatures ~10K and below

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پاورپوینت Laser Cooling in Semiconductors
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